Mobile Innovation
Mo-i gives you a pleasant experience of connectedness through mobile innovation.
Smart Grip
Mo-i protects your wrists, knuckles, and prevents smartphone screen from breaking.
Both right handed and left handed person can use it because Mo-i rotates 360 degrees to both directions.
For Kids
With Mo-i, you don't have to be anxious when your children use your expensive smartphone.
Mo-i protects their knuckles and eye sights and it even prevents smartphones from slipping out of hand.
Easy Mount
Are you still using other objects like cups as a stand when using smartphones?
Mo-i helps you mount your phone both horizontally and vertically wherever you are.
Various Design
Mo-i develops over time.
We enhance your value with different colors and unique designs.
Safty Holder
You can control your smartphone safely with Mo-i when you walk, run, or even in a crowded public transportation.
Easy Selfie
Do you still carry around inconvenient selfie-sticks?
Mo-i helps you take selfies safely and conveniently.
Smart Control
Mo-i makes it easier to use application and play games using only one hand.